Membership list as of 2007: [1]

  • Br. Omar Ashraf – Chair of the Board; Masjid Construction, Operations Review & Financial Review
  • Br. Rizwan Jaka – President; Media, Interfaith, Government Relations
  • Br. Farooq Syed – Vice President; Social Activities, Cub Scouts
  • Br. Arshad Hussain – Treasurer; Fundraising, Financial Review
  • Sr. Bibi Younis – Secretary; Membership, Operations
  • Dr. Tanveer Mirza – Trustee; Fundraising
  • Br. Abdul Qayyum Jafir – Trustee; Fundraising
  • Sr. Sanober Yacoob – Trustee; Education, Financial Review
  • Br. Wael Alkhairo – Trustee; Financial Review, Planning, Zakat
  • Sr. Afeefa Syeed – Trustee; Interfaith, Education
  • Dr. Iqbal Unus – Trustee; Education, By-Laws, Planning
  • Dr. Khalid Ijaz – Trustee; Education
  • Br. Mohibullah – Trustee; MIS Committee

ADAMS Endowment Fund board members: [1]

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