American Airlines Flight 587 crashed with the loss of all on board shortly after takeoff from JFK Airport in New York on November 12, 2001.

Witnesses to bombing Edit

Numerous witnesses reported seeing an explosion on the right side of the plane followed by a larger explosion. These witnesses include:

  • Tom Lynch - retired firefighter, claims to know of 18 other witnesses who saw fire or an explosion [1]
  • James Conrad - retired NYPD [1]
  • Peter Hayden - retired FDNY deputy chief [1]
  • Richard Kvies - retired transit police officer [1]
  • John Power - sales manager [1]
  • Ellie Scholfield - food services manager [1]
  • Michael Benjamin [1]
  • Jackie Powers - called in to ABC News [2]
  • a witness calling in to WABC Radio [2]

A poor-quality Metropolitan Transportation Authority traffic surveillance tape appeared to show a cloud of smoke remain in the sky after the plane fell. The FBI seized the tape and refused to release it. [2]

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References Edit

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