Gregory Scarpa, Jr. is a prison informant who predicted that al-Qaeda would bomb the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta and an airplane flying out of New York. Scarpa made these predictions one month before the Olympic Park bombing and the loss of TWA flight 800.

1996 warnings Edit

Prison informant Gregory Scarpa Jr. claimed that Ramzi Yousef had told him of plans to bomb an airplane or kidnap a US Attorney to cause a mistrial in Yousef's 1996 trial. Yousef also implied having assistance from a foreign government and claimed this government would offer Scarpa asylum. [1] The FBI report did not name the foreign government, but Wikipedia citing Simon Reeve's The New Jackals notes that "Yousef's maternal uncle, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, was living in Qatar as the guest of a Qatari cabinet official." [2]

On March 31, Scarpa claimed that Yousef had sent a bomb through the DHL postal service. [3] On June 13, Scarpa named Abdul Hakim Murad as a co-conspirator in a plan to bomb an airplane. [4] On July 18, the day of the bombing, Scarpa would say that Yousef had previously warned a Jerry Koupakis not to fly on any TWA aircraft on the morning of July 18. [5] Scarpa would also say that Yousef credited Bojinka (Bojinga) with the Dhahran bombing of June 26, 1996, [6] and that Yousef had people from England scouting the Atlanta Olympic Games. [7]

Coincidence Edit

The destruction of TWA flight 800 on the evening of July 17 was officially determined to be an accident. This has been disputed by independent investigators.

A Christian supremacist, Eric Rudolph, would take credit for the July 27 bombing of the Olympic Games.

Cover-up Edit

Rodney Stich claims that the FBI covered up Scarpa's reports to protect FBI supervisor Lindley DeVecchio from murder charges. [8]

Terry Nichols warning Edit

In 2005, Scarpa would tell police that Oklahoma City Bombing conspirator Terry Nichols had told him about a cache of explosives hidden in his old home. Scarpa failed a polygraph examination. The FBI, under pressure from Congress, searched the house and found the explosives where Scarpa said they would be. [9]

Deletion from Wikipedia Edit

The Wikipedia page for Gregory Scarpa, Jr. was deleted by Delldot after having been marked as patrolled by ArcAngel and RadioFan.

References Edit

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