One common thread that connects many of them is drug trafficking.

April 30 1980 Sarasota Herald Tribune: “Testimony at a federal trial in Indianapolis has linked a murdered Venice businessman and a missing Sarasota aircraft dealer with an international drug trafficking ring. On Monday witnesses testified that Frank Guzman, the former owner of SunAir Enterprises of Venice, and Lee Crowell, owner of Lemac Inc of Sarasota, were members of the drug ring known as The Company.”

Members ? Edit

  • Jack Abramoff
  • Grover Norquist
  • Sami al-Arian
  • Wolfgang Bohringer
  • Stephan Verharen
  • Makram Majid Chams
  • Lesley Grayling
  • Jerry Falwell
  • Mohamed Atta
  • Monzer Al-Kazzar
  • Ahmed Jibril
  • Alvin Malnik
  • Shareef Malnik
  • Michael D. Farkas
  • Vikto Kozeny
  • Adnan Khashoggi
  • Ramy el Batrawi
  • David M. Goldstein
  • Joel Steinger
  • Richard Ben-Veniste
  • Wayne Huizenga
  • Richard Boehlke
  • Stephan Careaga
  • Patrick J Lochrie
  • David M Otto
  • Hussain Hashem al-Hussaini
  • John Gray
  • Guido Pascal Schrier

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