Total Information Awareness is one of the overarching goals of the world government

Some examples of TIA

TIA began with regulations requiring registration of all business with the government, as well as mandatory accounting for and annual reporting of any financial flows through the businesses. Anything not providing this information is referred to as the black market.

TIA has expanded into telecommuncations surveillance, the NSA has the goal to read all e-mails and listen in to anyones phone conversations.

All vehicles will be tracked and traced under plans to privatise roads, and CCTV cameras are springing up all over the world to continuously monitor people. The City of London's Ring of Steel is a model for the integration of multiple government databases with sophisticated tracking CCTV, control room observation and instant police response.

Beginning around 1900 passports were introduced so that everyones journeys would be recorded, in the modern world this is expanding into biometric verification and computer databases.

Military satellite surveillence and Global Positioning System help to obseerve the planet pinpoint locations. In the future the 'Internet of Things' will allow every object to be microchipped and hooked up to the global matrix.